Our Mission

Invested in your long-term financial success

U&T Financial, Inc. was founded on the principle that true independence from corporate bias and control, equates to higher quality and personalized service to clients. In a sales-pressure free environment, we are able to provide our clients with completely unbiased investment advice that is in their best interest.

This translates into our relationships that are built on the highest level of trust.

Our mission is to provide the best investment opportunities, guidance, and planning to our clients.Our goal is that this ultimately ends in long-term financial well-being for each one of our clients.

Products & Services

Our relationships with some of the world’s premier financial companies gives you access to a wide range of products to help manage your financial needs

Investment Solutions & Services

  • Structured Note/CD
  • Tax-Advantaged Investments
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Third-Party Managed Investment Programs
  • Full-Service Stock and Bond Trading
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • and more

Insurance Products

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance (UL)
    • Variable Life Insurance (VUL)
    • Survivorship Life Insurance (SUL, SVUL)
    • Traditional Whole Life Insurance
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Building Solid Financial Plans

U & T Financial, Inc. has been working with clients to pursue their financial goals for over a decade. Our clients are able to build solid financial plans that are in their best interest due to our unbiased solutions that offer us the freedom to recommend sound investment options.

U & T Financial, Inc. is committed to long-term investment strategies that emphasize in purchasing quality investments, creating a diversified portfolio, and monitoring portfolio’s progress on a regular basis.

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